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S15TG LCDA12TE SK100EL16TCD SL05TC E646ATF SC4041AZTA EZ55Z3L-S.TR STF701TG EZ1085CM-2.5TR SC1532CS.TR SC2041IS.TR SC1437ISK-H45TR 1N6157 SK10EL16VU SC5205-2.5CSKTR SC431CS-2TR 1N4965SX20 1N6108A SRDA05-4TB SC1456-3.3IMSTR SC1563IMS-3.3TR EZ1084CT E818AHF 1N6131A 1N6158 1N6162A S

Semtech Datalehti Catalog-26

Osa EiValmistajaHakemus
SL24TC SemtechLow capacitance TVS diode
SC1631CSTR Semtech3.3V low voltage step-up DC-DC converter
SMS15TG SemtechTVS diode array
LCDA12TE SemtechLow capacitance TVS diode array
SK100EL16TCD SemtechDifferential receiver
SL05TC SemtechLow capacitance TVS diode
E646ATF SemtechPin electronics driver, window comparator, and switch matrix
SC4041AZTA SemtechPrecision shunt voltage reference
EZ55Z3L-S.TR SemtechAdjustable 0.25 Amp positive voltage regulator
STF701TG SemtechT-filter with TVS diode array
EZ1085CM-2.5TR Semtech2.5V 3.0AMP positive voltage regulator
SC1532CS.TR Semtech400 mA smart LDO with internal pass MOSFET
SC2041IS.TR SemtechHotSwitch USB power distribution switch
SC1437ISK-H45TR SemtechPrecision voltage detector
1N6157 Semtech1500W BI-polarity transient voltage suppressor
SK10EL16VU SemtechDifferential receiver
SC5205-2.5CSKTR Semtech2.5V, 150mA ultra low dropout, low noise micropower linear regulator
SC431CS-2TR SemtechAdjustable shunt regulator
1N4965SX20 Semtech5 watt voltage regulator
1N6108A SemtechQPL 500 watt axial leaded TVS
SRDA05-4TB SemtechLow capacitance TVS diode array
SC1456-3.3IMSTR SemtechDual 150mA ultra low dropout regulator
SC1563IMS-3.3TR Semtech3.3V very low dropout, low quiescent 500 mA regulator
EZ1084CT SemtechAdjustable 5.0AMP positive voltage regulator
E818AHF SemtechOctal 18V pin electronics driver
1N6131A SemtechQPL 500 watt axial leaded TVS
1N6158 Semtech1500W BI-polarity transient voltage suppressor
1N6162A SemtechQPL 1500 watt axial leaded TVS
SC4040DZTR SemtechPrecision shunt voltage reference
UR8HC007-004-FQ SemtechZero-power input device and power management IC

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