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4A PI74ALVCH16821V PI90LV211L PI6C9910AS PI3B16212 PI5C34X245B PI74FCT2645TS PI6C9930S PI5C162212V PI74FCT162H827TA PI49FCT3806S PI74FCT251TS PS4052EPE PI3B16226 PI74LCX373L PI5C16210K PI74ALVTC16373K PI74FCT273TP PS395ENG PI74FCT162652TA PI74ALVCH16524V PI5C16211A PI49FCT2805BTS

Pericom Semiconductor Datalehti Catalog-48

Osa EiValmistajaHakemus
PI74LCX573Q Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 3.3V 8-bit transparent latch
PI5C16214A Pericom Semiconductor12-bit,3-to-1 bus-select switch
PI74ALVCH16821V Pericom Semiconductor3.3V 20-bit bus interface flip-flop with 3-state outputs
PI90LV211L Pericom Semiconductor16 differential clock distribution chip
PI6C9910AS Pericom SemiconductorZero-delay clock buffer
PI3B16212 Pericom Semiconductor3.3V, 24-bit bus exchange switch
PI5C34X245B Pericom Semiconductor32-bit, 2-port bus switch
PI74FCT2645TS Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal bidirectional transceiver
PI6C9930S Pericom Semiconductor3.3V zero-delay clock buffer
PI5C162212V Pericom Semiconductor24-bit bus exchange switch
PI74FCT162H827TA Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 20-bit buffer
PI49FCT3806S Pericom Semiconductor3.3V fast CMOS buffer/clock driver
PI74FCT251TS Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 8-input multiplexer
PS4052EPE Pericom Semiconductor17V CMOS analog multiplexer/switch
PI3B16226 Pericom Semiconductor3.3V, low capacitance 12-bit to 24-bit demux/mux bus switch
PI74LCX373L Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 3.3V 8-bit transparent latch
PI5C16210K Pericom Semiconductor20-bit,2-port bus switch
PI74ALVTC16373K Pericom Semiconductor16-bit transparent D-type latch with 3-state outputs
PI74FCT273TP Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal D flip-flop with master reset
PS395ENG Pericom SemiconductorPrecision 8-Ch, 17V, SPST switch w/8-bit serial decoded control
PI74FCT162652TA Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 16-bit registered transceiver
PI74ALVCH16524V Pericom Semiconductor18-bit registered bus transceiver with 3-state outputs
PI5C16211A Pericom Semiconductor24-bit bus switch
PI49FCT2805BTS Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS buffer/clock driver
PS4051EEE Pericom Semiconductor17V CMOS analog multiplexer/switch
PI74FCT2373TS Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 3.3V 8-bit transparent latch
PI74LCX827H Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 3.3V 10-bit buffer
PI74FCT2652TS Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal registered transceiver
PI6C1201S Pericom SemiconductorPrecision clock generator for laser printers
PI5C32X384A Pericom Semiconductor20-bit, 2-port bus switch

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