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PI74LPT16373A PI74LCX16501A PI74FCT2823TQ PI5C3302C PI5C3384Q PI74LCX16501A PI74FCT645TS PI5C32160CA PI74LPT543S PI74FCT163374V PI74FCT652TR PI6C2504AQ PI74FCT2574TP PI49FCT32805S PS4066AEPD PI74FCT16501TV PI74FCT828TR PS4053CSE PI74LCX16646V PI74ST1G126T PI49FCT2807TH PI3C3125L

Pericom Semiconductor Datalehti Catalog-2

Osa EiValmistajaHakemus
PI3B162861 Pericom Semiconductor"3.3V, 20-bit, 2-port bus switch"
PS393CSE Pericom Semiconductor"Precision, quad, SPST, analog switch"
PI74LPT16373A Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 3.3V 16-bit transparent latch
PI74LCX16501A Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 18-bit register transceiver
PI74FCT2823TQ Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS bus interface register
PI5C3302C Pericom SemiconductorSingle bus switch
PI5C3384Q Pericom Semiconductor"10-bit,2-port bus switch"
PI74LCX16501A Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 18-bit register transceiver
PI74FCT645TS Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal bidirectional transceiver
PI5C32160CA Pericom Semiconductor"16-bit to 32-bit,demux PCI hot-plug bus switch with -1.5V undershoot protection"
PI74LPT543S Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 3.3V 8-bit latched transceiver
PI74FCT163374V Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 3.3V 16-bit register (3-state)
PI74FCT652TR Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal registered transceiver
PI6C2504AQ Pericom SemiconductorPhase-locked loop clock driver with 4 clock outputs
PI74FCT2574TP Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal D register (3-state)
PI49FCT32805S Pericom Semiconductor3.3V, 2 x 1.5 CMOS clock driver
PS4066AEPD Pericom SemiconductorLow-cost, quad, SPST, CMOS analog switch
PI74FCT16501TV Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 18-bit registered transceiver
PI74FCT828TR Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 10-bit buffer
PS4053CSE Pericom Semiconductor17V CMOS analog multiplexer/switch
PI74LCX16646V Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 3.3V 16-bit registered transceiver
PI74ST1G126T Pericom SemiconductorSOTiny logic buffer with 3-state output
PI49FCT2807TH Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS clock driver
PI3C3125L Pericom Semiconductor2.5/3.3V, high bandwidth, 4-bit,2-port bus switch with individual enables
PI5C32390Q Pericom Semiconductor16-to-8 multiplexer/demultiplexer bus switch
PI74LCX827Q Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS 3.3V 10-bit buffer
PI5C3253CQ Pericom SemiconductorDual 41 mux/demux bus switch with -2V undershoot protection
PS321CPA Pericom SemiconductorPrecision, dual-supply analog switch
PI74FCT241TS Pericom SemiconductorFast CMOS octal buffer/line driver
PI74ALVCH16863A Pericom Semiconductor18-bit transceiver with 3-state outputs

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