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31 LS7083-S LS7534-S LS7225 LS7210 LS7362-S LS7338 LS7312 LS7560-TS LS7212 LS7539 RDD104-S LS7211 LS7237

LSI Datalehti Catalog-4

Osa EiValmistajaHakemus
LS7311 LSIAC power controller
LS7312-S LSIAC power controller
LS7031 LSI6 decade MOS up counter with 8 decade latch and multiplexer
LS7083-S LSIQuadrature clock converter
LS7534-S LSIDimmer light switch with up and down conrols
LS7225 LSIDigital lock circuit with tamper output
LS7210 LSIProgrammable digital delay timer
LS7362-S LSIBrushless DC motor commutator/controller
LS7338 LSIDelayed-off light switch with programmable on-timer
LS7312 LSIAC power controller
LS7560-TS LSIBrushless DC motor controller
LS7212 LSIProgrammable digital delay timer
LS7539 LSITouch conrol step dimmer light switch with automatic gain control (AGC)
RDD104-S LSISelectable 4 decade CMOS divider
LS7211 LSIProgrammable digital delay timer
LS7237 LSITouch control lamp step dimmer

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