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HYB5116400BT-70 SMBD6100 LS5480-J SFH615A-1 BAT62-02W LSPK370-M BCP68-16 LOPK370-KN HYM328025S-50 BBY51-03W SPL2Y85 BUZ77A KPY63AG SFH482-3 BTS130 LO3336-T BFP420 BPX38-4 TLE4905L BC847PN SFH314-2 LYH380-GK LO3386-NR BXY43-P1H BF994S BTS308 BFR181 LYK382-QT

Infineon Datalehti Catalog-88

Osa EiValmistajaHakemus
MGP3006X InfineonGHz PLL with I2C bus and four chip addresses
SAB8088-1-P Infineon8-bit microprocessor - 10 MHz.
HYB5116400BT-70 Infineon4M x 4bit DRAM
SMBD6100 InfineonSilicon switching diode array
LS5480-J Infineon5mm super-red LED
SFH615A-1 InfineonOptocoupler high reliability, isolation 5300V
BAT62-02W InfineonSilicon schottky diode
LSPK370-M InfineonSuper-red/pure green 3mm multi LED
BCP68-16 InfineonNPN silicon AF transistor
LOPK370-KN InfineonOrange/pure green 3mm multi LED
HYM328025S-50 Infineon8M x 32bit EDO-module
BBY51-03W InfineonSilicon tuning diode
SPL2Y85 InfineonLaser diode
BUZ77A InfineonN-channel SIPMOS power transistor
KPY63AG InfineonSilicon piezoresistive absolute pressure sensor
SFH482-3 InfineonGaAlAs infrared emitters
BTS130 InfineonN-channel TEMPFET
LO3336-T InfineonOrange LED
BFP420 InfineonNPN silicon RF transistor
BPX38-4 InfineonSilicon NPN phototransistor
TLE4905L InfineonUni- and bipolar hall IC switching for magnetic field application
BC847PN InfineonNPN/PNP silicon AF transistor array
SFH314-2 InfineonSilicon NPN phototransistor
LYH380-GK InfineonYellow 5mm symbol LED
LO3386-NR InfineonOrange LED
BXY43-P1H InfineonHiRel silicon PIN diode
BF994S InfineonSilicon N-channel MOSFET triode
BTS308 InfineonSmart highside power switch
BFR181 InfineonNPN silicon RF transistor
LYK382-QT InfineonYellow 3mm LED

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