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11A MP3274 XRT71D00 ST16C552AIJ68 XR-2206D XR16C850 XRD6415 XRD6621 ST49C101A 78C34 XRT5683A XRT7295 ST34C86 XRT3589 XRT7288 XRD6202 XRT84V24 XRD64L06 XRD4417 MP7528 MP8840 MP7682 XRT7300 ST16C550 ST26C31 XRD66092 XR16C864 XRD5408

Exar Datalehti Catalog-4

Osa EiValmistajaHakemus
MP75L24 ExarLow Voltage CMOS Buffered Multiplying 8-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter
XRD5410 Exar5V Low Power Voltage Output Serial 10-bit DAC
XR2211A ExarFSK Demodulator/Tone Decoder
MP3274 ExarFault Protected 32 Channel 12-Bit Data Acquisition Subsystem
XRT71D00 ExarSingle-Chip Jitter Attenuator for High-Speed DS3/E3 WANs
ST16C552AIJ68 ExarDual UART with 16-byte FIFO and parallel printer port
XR-2206D ExarMonolithic function generator
XR16C850 ExarUART with 128-Byte FIFOs and Infrared (IrDA) Encoder/Decoder
XRD6415 ExarCMOS 10-Bit 20 MSPS High Speed Analog-to-Digital Converter
XRD6621 ExarCMOS 10MSPS 12-bit High Speed Analog to Digital Converter
ST49C101A ExarPreprogrammed High Speed Frequency Multiplier
78C34 ExarGeneral Purpose Parallel Printer Port with 83 Byte FIFO
XRT5683A ExarPCM Line Interface Chip
XRT7295 ExarDS3/Sonet STS-1 Integrated Line Receiver
ST34C86 ExarQUAD RS-422 RS-423 CMOS Differential Line Receiver
XRT3589 ExarV.35 Interface Receiver/Transmitter
XRT7288 ExarCEPT1 Line Interface
XRD6202 Exar8-Bit 68MSPS CMOS ADC
XRT84V24 ExarQuad E1 Framer IC
XRD64L06 Exar3V 6 MSPS 10-Bit High Speed Analog-to-Digital Converter
XRD4417 Exar3.3V CMOS Linear CCD Signal Processor with 10-Bit ADC and Serial Interface
MP7528 ExarCMOS Dual Buffered Multiplying 8-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter
MP8840 Exar8-Channel Voltage Output 2 MHz 4 Quadrant
MP7682 ExarCMOS 6-Bit High Speed Analog-to-Digital Converter
XRT7300 ExarDS3/E3/STS-1 Line Interface Unit
ST16C550 ExarUART With 16-Byte FIFOs
ST26C31 ExarQuad RS422 CMOS Differential Line Driver
XRD66092 ExarCMOS 750 KSPS 12-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter with Serial Logic Interface Port
XR16C864 ExarQuad UART with RX/TX FIFO Counters and 128-Byte FIFO
XRD5408 Exar5V Low Power Voltage Output Serial 8-bit DAC

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