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ADS823E ADC76AG INA110AG PCM1719E OPA548F ADS7816E/250 ADS7832BP ISO122U/1K OPA121KM INA101SM REG103UA-2.5/2K5 PCM1710U/1K REG103GA-3/2K5 ADS7824U/1K XTR104AU REF1004I-1.2 PGA205BP PCM1760U-L INA122PA OPA2353EA/250 OPA658NB/3K OPA642NB/3K OPA2228UA AFE2126E/1K INA118P DAC908U/1K

BB Datalehti Catalog-54

Osa EiValmistajaHakemus
PCM1760P-L BBMulti-Bit Enhanced Noise Shaping 20-Bit A/D Conversion System
INA134PA BBAudio Differential Line Receivers, 0dB (G=1)
ADS823E BBSpeedPlus 10-Bit, 60MHz Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converter
ADC76AG BB16-Bit analog-to-digital converter
INA110AG BBFast-Settling FET-Input Very High Accuracy Instrumentation Amp
PCM1719E BBSoundPlus™ Stereo Audio Digital-To-Analog Converter
OPA548F BBHigh-Voltage, High-Current Operational Amplifier
ADS7816E/250 BB12-Bit High Speed Micro Power Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converter
ADS7832BP BBAutocalibrating, 4-Channel, 12-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter
ISO122U/1K BBDual Monolithic CMOS 12-Bit Multiplying Digital-to-Analog Converters
OPA121KM BBLow Cost Precision Difet® Operational Amplifier
INA101SM BBVery High Accuracy Instrumentation Amplifier
REG103UA-2.5/2K5 BBDMOS 500mA Low Dropout Regulator
PCM1710U/1K BBDual Voltage Output CMOS Delta-Sigma Digital-to-Analog Converter with On-Chip Digital Filter
REG103GA-3/2K5 BBDMOS 500mA Low Dropout Regulator
ADS7824U/1K BB4 Channel, 12-Bit Sampling CMOS A/D Converter
XTR104AU BB4-20mA Current Transmitter/Bridge Excitation And Linearization
REF1004I-1.2 BBMicropower Voltage Reference
PGA205BP BBDigitally Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amp
PCM1760U-L BBMulti-Bit Enhanced Noise Shaping 20-Bit A/D Conversion System
INA122PA BBSingle Supply, MicroPower Instrumentation Amplifier
OPA2353EA/250 BBHigh-Speed, Single-Supply, Rail-to-Rail Operational Amplifiers MicroAmplifier™ Series
OPA658NB/3K BBWideband, Low Power Current Feedback Operational Amplifier
OPA642NB/3K BBWideband Low Distortion Operational Amplifier
OPA2228UA BBHigh Precision, Low Noise Operational Amplifiers
AFE2126E/1K BBDual HDSL/SDSL Analog Front End
INA118P BBPrecision, Low Power Intrumentation Amplifier
DAC908U/1K BBSpeedPlus 8-Bit, 165MSPS Digital-to-Analog Converters
ADS7832BN BBAutocalibrating, 4-Channel, 12-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter
VSP2080T/2K BBSpeedPlus™ CCD Signal Front-End Processor For Digital Cameras

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