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19BR EVAL-ADE7756EB AD9012AQ ADG506AKR AD1671AP AD7524TE AD532SH AD7226KN 5962-8853901EA ADM660AR EVAL-AD7710EB ADM810LART-REEL-7 AD548JR-REEL AD8001ART-REEL7 AD8403ARU100 AD9057BRS-40 AD5344BRU 5962-9559801MRA ADP3163JRU AD7709BRU DAC8248HS AD1580ART AD8307 AD9833BRM AD8170AN DA

ADI Datalehti Catalog-34

Osa EiValmistajaHakemus
OP400EY ADIQuad low-offset, low-power operational amplifier
AD10265 ADIDual Channel, 12-Bit, 65 MSPS A/D Converter with AC-Coupled Analog Input Signal Conditioning (AD6640 Core ADC)
AD7719BR ADI0.3-7V; low voltage, low power factory-calibrated 16-/24-bit dual ADC
EVAL-ADE7756EB ADIEvaluation board documentation AD7756 energy metering IC
AD9012AQ ADI6V; 30mA; 8-bit high-speed TTL A/D converter. For radar systems, digital oscilloscopes/ATE equipment
ADG506AKR ADI44V; 20-40mA; 470mA; CMOS 8-/16-channel analog multiplexer
AD1671AP ADI0.5-6.5V; complete 12-bit 1.25 MSPS monolithic A/D converter
AD7524TE ADI0.3-17V; 450mW; CMOS 8-bit buffered multiplying DAC. For microprocessor controlled gain circuits, attenuator circuits, function generators
AD532SH ADI10-22V; internally trimmed integrated circuit multiplier for multipication, division, squaring, square rooting
AD7226KN ADI-0.3, +17V; 500mW; LC2MOS quad 8-bit D/A converter. For process contol, automatic test equipment and calibration of large system parameters
5962-8853901EA ADI18V; 450mW; precision instrumentation amplifier
ADM660AR ADI7.5V; 500mW; CMOS switched-capacitor voltage converter. For handheld instruments, portable computers
EVAL-AD7710EB ADI-0.3 to +12V; 450mW; signal conditional ADC. For weigh scales, thermocouples, process control, smart transmitters, chromatography
ADM810LART-REEL-7 ADI0.3-6V; 20mA; 320mW; microprocessor supervisory circuit. For microprocessor systems, computers, controllers, intelligent instruments, automotive systems
AD548JR-REEL ADI18V; 500mW; precision, low power BiFET Op Amp
AD8001ART-REEL7 ADI12.6V; 800MHz, 50mW current feedback amplifier. For A-to-D driver, video line driver, professional cameras, video switchers , special effects, RF receivers
AD8403ARU100 ADI0.3-8V; 1/2/4-channel digital potentiometers. For mechanical potentiometer replacement, programmable filters, delays, time constants, volume control, panning, line impendance matching, power supply adjustment
AD9057BRS-40 ADI7V; 20mA; 8-bit 40MSPS converter. For digital communications, RGB and YC/composite video processing
AD5344BRU ADI2.5 V to 5.5 V, 500 uA, parallel interface quad voltage-output 12-Bit DACs
5962-9559801MRA ADI7.5V; 0.9-1.3mW; 250MHz demodulating logarithmic amplifier. For IF/RF signal processing, received signal strength indicator (RSSI), high speed signal compression
ADP3163JRU ADI0.3-15V; 5-bit programmable 2-/3-phase synchronous buck controller
AD7709BRU ADI16-bit Sigma-Delta ADC with current sources, switchable reference inputs and I/O port
DAC8248HS ADI0-17V; dual 12-bit double-buffered CMOS D/A converter. For multichannel microprocessor-controlled systems
AD1580ART ADI20-25mA; 1.2V; micropower, precision shunt voltage reference
AD8307 ADILow Cost DC-500 MHz, 92 dB Logarithmic Amplifier
AD9833BRM ADI+2.5to +5.5V; 25MHz low power CMOS complete DDS. For digital modulation, portable equipment, test equipment DDS tuning
AD8170AN ADI12.6V; 250MHz, 10ns switching multiplexer w/amplifier. For pixel switching for picture-to-picture, LCD and plasma displayes and video routers
DAC8043A1FS ADI0.3-8V; 50mA; 12-bit serial input multiplying D/A converter
EVAL-AD1959EB ADI0.3-6V; PLL/multibit DAC. For DVD, CD, home theater systems, automotive audio systems, sampling musical keyboards
AD7863BR-3 ADI0.3-7V; 450mW; simultaneous sampling dual 175kSPS 14-bit ADC. For AC motor control, inuterrupted power supplies

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