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AR AD817AR ADSP-2104LKP-55 AD976ABN AD811JR-REEL ADSP-2100AKG AD8565AKS AD767AD AD847 ADG436 AD704AN DAC08HQ ADM231LAN AD7719BR SSM2402 AD7528JP AD1868R AMP03FJ AD261BND-4 AD8569ARM 5962-9559601M2A AD7536 AD9500BP AD8403AR100 ADM699AQ AD549LH OP271GS AD7574KN

ADI Datalehti Catalog-20

Osa EiValmistajaHakemus
OP421 ADIQuad, Low-Power, Single or Dual Supply
AD7581BQ ADI+7.0V; 1000mW; CMOS uP-compatible 8-bit, 8-channel DAS
AD976AR ADI25V; 700mW; 16-bit, 100kSPS/200kSPS BiCMOS A/D converter
AD817AR ADI18V; high speed, low power wide supply range amplifier
ADSP-2104LKP-55 ADI0.3-7V; dual, 12-bit, 40MSPS low cost DSP microcomputer
AD976ABN ADI16-bit, 200 kSPS BiCMOS A/D converters
AD811JR-REEL ADIHigh performance video operational amplifier
ADSP-2100AKG ADI0.3-7V; speed 12.50MHz; 12.5 MIPS microprocessor. For optimized for DSP algorithms including, digital filtering, fast fourier transforms,image processing, radar, sonar speech processing and telecommunications
AD8565AKS ADI18V; rail-to-rail operational amplifier. For LCD reference drivers, portable electronics, communications equipment
AD767AD ADI0 to 18V; 1000mW; microprocessor-compatible 12-bit D/A converter
AD847 ADIHigh Speed, Low Power Monolithic Op Amp
ADG436 ADI12 Ohm, Dual SPDT Switch
AD704AN ADI+-18V; quad picoampere inout current bipolar Op Amp. For industrial/process controls, weigh scales
DAC08HQ ADI8-bit, high-speed, multiplying D/A converter (universal digital logic interface)
ADM231LAN ADINominal+5V; CMOS RS-232 driver/receiver. For computers, peripherals, modems, printers, instruments
AD7719BR ADI0.3-7V; low voltage, low power factory-calibrated 16-/24-bit dual ADC
SSM2402 ADIDual Audio Analog Switch
AD7528JP ADI0-17V; 450mW; CMOS dual 8-bit buffered multiplying DAC. For digital control of gain/attenuation, filter parameters, stereo audio circuits, X-Y graphics
AD1868R ADI0-6V; single supply dual 18-bit audio DAC. For portable compact disc players
AMP03FJ ADI+-18V; precision, unity-gain differential amplifier. For summing and instrumentation amplifiers, balanced line receivers, current-voltage conversion, absolute volue amplifier
AD261BND-4 ADI5V; high speed, logic isolator
AD8569ARM ADI18V; rail-to-rail buffer amplifier. For LCD reference drivers, portable electronics, communications equipment
5962-9559601M2A ADI18V; 1.6W; single supply, low power triple video amplifier. For video line driver, LCD drivers, computer video plug-in boards, ultrasound, RGB amplifier, CCD based systems
AD7536 ADI14-Bit, Multiplying Iout, 8-bit bus
AD9500BP ADI7V; 30mA; digitaly programmable delay generator. For ATE, pulse deskewing, arbitary waveform generators
AD8403AR100 ADI0.3-8V; 1/2/4-channel digital potentiometers. For mechanical potentiometer replacement, programmable filters, delays, time constants, volume control, panning, line impendance matching, power supply adjustment
ADM699AQ ADI0.3-6V; 500mW; microprocessor supervisory circuit. For microprocessor systems, computers, controllers
AD549LH ADI18V; 500mW; ultra low input bias current operational amplifier. For electrometer amplifiers, photodiode preamp, pH electrode buffer, vacuum Ion gage measurement
OP271GS ADI18V; 25mA; high speed, dual operational amplifier
AD7574KN ADI0 to +7.0V; 670mW; CMOS uP-compatible 8-bit ADC

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